Identity Dolls

The first week of a new year. Taking some time out to enjoy the last remaining moments of my time off. Doing and making. Quiet. Inspired by Ann Rippin and her New Year dolls. Fabric, beads, string, paint, pencils, bits of old jewellery, peg dolls. Using this to reflect on the past tempestuous, conflicting, happy,... Continue Reading →


A coffee and a chinwag with Mo

Yesterday I had coffee with one of my former students, Mo. He’s now a member of staff at Bristol Business School and a PhD student, and I’m proud to call to call him a colleague and a friend. He often remarks that I inspired him with regards to his studies and his thirst for academic... Continue Reading →

The ‘materiality of maternity’

  I have just finished a fabulous book – ‘Strange Material – storytelling through textiles’ by Leanne Prain (2014). It was one of those reads that makes you say out loud, ‘Yes! I think that too!’, ‘I know exactly what you mean!’ or ‘I do that!’ It examines the role textiles play in our lives... Continue Reading →

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