Facilitation in Fabric

I recently went on a 3-day 'Group Facilitation' course run by Dr Rob Sheffield and Inge Aben at the University of the West of England, at Bristol Business School. The experience made me think and reflect on my current practices and reconsider some important aspects of group facilitation, particularly with regards to group dynamics in... Continue Reading →


Creativity in Coaching and Mentoring

In my recent work on Coaching and Mentoring I have begun to use creative/ visual methods in order to explore the feelings and emotions that arise from the mentoring experience. Here, I made a piece of textile art to depict a particularly emotional mentoring session with one of my mentees. She is usually a rather... Continue Reading →

Australia in fabric

This is my Aussie piece of textile art...work in progress! I'm using my seven travel journals I wrote during our trip around Australia to help create a 'fabric text' of the places, memories and moments that were most meaningful. So far, I have started at the 'red centre' or Uluru/ Ayers Rock and The Olgas.... Continue Reading →


PhD Quilt

This is my PhD Quilt. I made this using scraps of material and found objects, during a period of transition between submitting my completed thesis and my viva voce examination. The act of sourcing objects, cutting and sewing material and representing my PhD in physical symbols acted as a sort of ‘coping mechanism’ during a... Continue Reading →


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