Postcards – a methodological, making workshop

    I am off to the Art of Management conference in York next week with my great colleague and friend Ann Rippin. We are running a workshop where we’ll be asking participants to make ‘stitched postcards’! We‘re framing the workshop around identity, suggesting that sending a postcard is a conscious piece of identity work... Continue Reading →


‘Cloth Ears’ and the importance of listening…

Just reading some stuff about active listening, listening to oneself and processing what you hear in some of the coaching and mentoring literature…and it made me realise how many phrases and expressions there are that make reference to our ears and the importance of listening! Many of these echo (!) with my experiences as a... Continue Reading →

Teachers and their summer holidays…

I recently met again with one of my mentees, an NQT (Newly Qualified Teacher), and we spent time talking about her past academic year, the imminent summer holidays and her year ahead. In particular her reflections on the tensions between family, friends and taking time off, versus preparations for the coming year resonated with me... Continue Reading →


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