Postcards – a methodological, making workshop



I am off to the Art of Management conference in York next week with my great colleague and friend Ann Rippin. We are running a workshop where we’ll be asking participants to make ‘stitched postcards’! We‘re framing the workshop around identity, suggesting that sending a postcard is a conscious piece of identity work – there is a visual element to it where you choose the picture on one side and the written message that you choose to write on the other side. However, this workshop is primarily concerned with the creative, making process – here, creating a small piece of art – in order to help participants engage in reflective practice. We’ll be asking our participants to write a postcard to, for example, their younger self starting out at work, their future self at work, their leader or mentor and so on…and use fabric, beads, buttons, paper, ribbon and found objects to create a piece of art that says something about these reflections.

The postcards I have made to take with me as examples are pictured here; the first postcard is  written to the REF Panel – those of you in the academic world might note the ‘toxic’ symbol on the front and the representation of ‘jumping through hoops’?!; the second is to my younger self – reminding me there are many paths to life and fun to be had in between the work, PhD and career choices!; the third is to my self outside work – the self that is a bride-to-be!

For more information on this conference, visit:



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