My Reflections on 2012


My short (t) new years day project: At the end of one year and the start of the next…and in the middle of making some new year resolutions, I always like to think about what I’ve done in the past year, what highlights there have been, what I’ve done and where I’ve been! So, inspired by a book given to me at Christmas by my Mum and Dad, called ‘Altered Curiosities’ by Jane Ann Wynn, see I put my reflections on 2012 onto an old  mirror frame using beads, buttons, charms and other bits and bobs.

Much of 2012 for me has been about going to five of our friend’s weddings and planning our own, so the design here took on rather a silvery-bridal-wedding-pearl sort of look! Using other beads and charms, I wove in other bits of my year – pencils for the writing I have done, teardrop pearls for the rain we have had, rings for the London Olympics and gold buttons for the medals won there…and so on…

A thoroughly nice way to spend the day…


Knitting to Network!


Just before Christmas I spent some time doing fieldwork at the Environment Agency in Bristol – and what a great bunch of people they are! During my time there I met a group of ‘lunch time knitters’! This group meets regularly to network with each other, share ideas and their knowledge of current projects and the organisation more broadly…whilst doing what they love – knitting! During the week I was there, they had their annual knitting sale. They raised £350 for Water Aid in one lunch time, selling baby clothes, soft toys, scarves and a variety of lovely knitted gifts! This is a picture of their ‘publicity stunt’ – advertising their work and sale in the central office atrium, in the morning.

Not only does this group do great work for charity, but I think it shows how engaging in making and doing together can connect people who would otherwise work apart in an organisation and in departments that may rarely meet. Knitting to network demonstrates how perhaps craft culture and creativity can create new communities and knowledge sharing practices in large organisations such as this…

I’m going to go back and hang-out with them again…and they’ve invited me to bring my quilt work with me – lovely!