More ‘jools’!

IMG_1217Another lovely day spent at Bijoux Beads in Bath

…this time at the wirework class. It took all day, but I managed to start and finish my vaguely Egyptian inspired necklace. I had taken an old piece of costume jewellery with me…a gold and amethyst bug brooch…and incorporated it into the necklace and matched it up with some glass and plastic beads! I like it…although not sure where I will wear it?!…maybe I’ll go and buy a little black dress so I can…any excuse?!

The wirework technique was much more time-consuming than the last class and involves using a lot more beads…but the effect is great if you want a real ‘statement’ piece and if you want to up-cycle pretty brooches you don’t wear. It also works really well if you have some lovely buttons you want to make into jewellery.

Another Saturday morning getting my creative fix – particularly appreciated after a week of marking…!


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