Space…and the Creative Leadership Project

IMG_1592Over the past few weeks, myself and my colleagues Carol Jarvis, Doris Schedlitzki and Gareth Edwards have been running a UWE funded series of workshops: The Creative Leadership Project. These have been a set of interactive workshops linking research and practice to create new ways of taking-up leadership in public service organisations. The workshops have drawn on three distinct areas of research and expertise in relation to creative leadership: Language, Innovation and Space.

We have had a great response from both academics and practitioners. The sessions seem to have provided space for creative conversations and given new insights into the topics we have explored.

I ran the third and final workshop last night, based on my space research at the Environment Agency, Bristol. I was joined by my great guest speakers, Julie Jupe and David Cameron from the Environment Agency. The interactive group discussions seemed to spark interesting conversations and reflections on work space and how it can impact on well-being and everyday life in organisations.

We are hoping to continue to run workshops like these again in the future – perhaps through other public funding opportunities. Check out the Organisation Studies blog through this link: and you can find out more about the Creative Leadership Project…and lots of other interesting stuff that we do in our group at UWE!


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