The Routledge Companion to Visual Organization

Routledge Comp 2013The super brilliant Routledge Companion to Visual Organization is out!

This great book is edited by Prof. Emma Bell, Prof. Samantha Warren and Prof. Johnathan Schroeder and includes 24 chapters with contributions from a whole range of academics…including me!

Yes, my first book chapter is in here…along with my great colleagues and friends, Jan Betts and Sam Warren! Our chapter, ‘Visual workplace identities: Objects, emotion and resistance’ brings together our empirical research and looks at how objects play an important role for individuals at work depending on the meanings associated with them and how visible they are to others.

I am, as always, proud to see my work in print, to see the outcome of work with great colleagues, to see my name amongst those I have been influenced by and have read since I was an undergraduate!…e.g. Prof. Pauline Leonard and Prof. Tim Strangleman…and, as always, I am really proud of my hairdressers and their photos – without them…well, I wouldn’t have published…anything?!

So, go out and buy it, get in the library or get it as an e-book!


2 thoughts on “The Routledge Companion to Visual Organization

  1. You should put this on our blog as well
    Dr Graham Baker
    Associate Head of Department – Organisation Studies
    Department of Business and Management
    Bristol Business School
    University of the West of England


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