Work on the Great Barrier Reef

2013-09-30 15.35.39     reef2

I had some time off last week and spent most afternoons working on my ‘Australia’ quilt. I’ve completely neglected this project for months…but finally found some time and inspiration! The quilt itself is really more a piece of textile art that tells the story of the year my husband and I lived and travelled in Australia. It is made from scraps of fabric I have (nothing ‘new’ has been bought for this project) and I have woven in beads, ribbons, threads and a variety of bits and pieces we collected when we were travelling…shells, fabric badges, leaves, napkins, beer labels and so on…! The whole piece is about 1.5m x 1m and is divided up into sections according to the landscape of Australia…sea, coast, desert, city, rainforest, and the red centre (there is a picture of a bit of the red centre, Uluru, in a previous post I wrote below…). I have found some great cotton fabric that you can put through the printer too, so I’m planning on printing out some photos and sections from my travel journals and stitching them into the quilt as well…

This past week I’ve concentrated on the Great Barrier Reef bit and included sections of felt, silk and corduroy, hand embroidered fish, pearls and crystals, old cake ribbon, and shells collected on our travels. About halfway through this section I realised how much Ken Done’s work had influenced me…without really thinking about it?! We’ve got a variety of prints from the Ken Done gallery at home and have always loved his bold, colourful, kind of abstract images of well known bits of Australia…the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge…and the Great Barrier Reef, pictured above. He has also done some fab flowers, tropical scenes and stuff in the rainforest, so I’m going to look at some of his work and crack on with the next section, the Daintree rainforest and tropical Queensland…

Check out Ken Done’s website…or if you are nearby, go and visit the gallery, it’s in The Rocks in Sydney Harbour:



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