Bags of Fun at The Makery, Bath!

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The Makery in Bath is a fab craft workshop that runs classes and courses for those interested in sewing, textiles and fashion AND they have a shop in the centre of town that sells wonderful ribbons, fabrics and a whole range of craft type stuff! I’ve been to a couple of classes before, including a Knicker Making Class – had great fun on a Saturday morning with my friend Gemma – hilarious! The latest class I’ve been to was held yesterday – a Mini Clasp Purse workshop – see pictures of progress and final product above! I am really pleased with the result – like all these things, you can spend a couple of hours learning a new skill and then you can adapt it to fit what you want to make in the future! The ones we made are big enough to be used as purses, a small make-up bag or could hold a small gift for someone…but you could easily adapt the pattern and make a large clutch bag!

The great thing about The Makery is that they offer a relaxed environment with expert help! All levels can get involved in most classes – even if you don’t know how to use a sewing machine, their staff will give you a hand and show you how. You get to take away your finished product, a pattern and a full set of instructions. I think short classes like this are great – learn a new skill, find a great way to use up small scraps of material you don’t otherwise know what to do with, and be able to make lovely presents for your friends!

Check out The Makery blog…and their latest news about pitching on Dragon’s Den!


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