twitterToday I joined the world of Tweets, the Twitterati and entered the Twittersphere…! I have had a few students who have suggested I get on this bandwagon – they said they might like to hear what I have to say about news items or my research or stuff to do with their study of business; I have another student, Cameron Parker http://cameron-parker.com/ who has been trying to persuade me to use it to promote my research and consultancy work – he’s a social media machine!; I have teacher friends who use it all the time; …and last night I was at a meeting at The Watershed, Bristol with Kalpna Woolf, former Head of Production at the BBC, Bristol and finally, I was sold! We were meeting to talk about the new MA Leadership and Media Production Management (in partnership with the BBC) that I’ll be Programme Managing at UWE, from September 2014. We’re starting our marketing drive and launch in the New Year, and apart from the usual websites, launch events and so on…Twitter, Tweets and #s will also play their part. So, this morning, I set up an account and for the next few months I’m going to experiment and see how I get on. I posted a few tweets today…promoting the Organisation Studies blog I run, the new Team Entrepreneurship programme…and my lovely afternoon teaching visual methods with MSc Public Health students. So, I actually found myself finishing the day, in my lecture, saying ‘…and if you’d like to follow me on Twitter, you can find out more…’! I never thought those words would pass my lips. Here I am in the 21st Century. Here I am: @HarrietShortt



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