Matisse – Live from the Tate Modern


mat glass

On Tuesday night I went to the Odeon cinema to see their screening of the Matisse Cut-Outs exhibition, live from the Tate Modern. This is great thing that the Odeon are doing (I’ve only just heard about it, but it’s probably been going on for a while!?)…called Odeon Plus Culture. Various plays, exhibitions, music festivals, operas and ballets are being screened from their various locations (usually London) to cinemas all over the UK! Great…and it avoids the train fare to London!

The screening was brilliant – what an incredible amount of work Matisse produced during this period. The film had live interviews with curators at the Tate and others artists and experts in the field. There was a ‘behind the scenes’ insight into how the exhibition was put together (some of it reminded me, in a way, of the heated discussions my husband Russ and I have when we’re deciding how and where to hang lots of our pictures…well, ok, so it’s not the Tate, but the principle’s similar!). It was really interesting to hear how some of those who had visited the exhibition had been inspired to write pieces of jazz music, based on the pieces shown and others who had been inspired to choreograph dances, based on the colours used in some of the pieces.

There was some lovely footage of Henri Matisse in his studio working with his assistants; drawing on the walls, painting wash on paper and hanging them out to dry and pinning his cut-outs to the wall. The colours and shapes were just wonderful – really satisfying to watch him ‘carving into colour’. I love the one here, above – the parakeet and the mermaid – the parakeet is such a lovely shape.

One piece of work that I didn’t know of before, was the commission Matisse was involved in: The Chapelle du Rosaire de Vence. It’s absolutely gorgeous and the stained glass work that sort of replicates the cut-out work he had been doing was just stunning – the picture above is called the tree of life and is behind the alter in the chapel.

Overall, there is a real sense that this collection brings happiness, joy and celebration to those visiting and looking. So, if you fancy a visual treat, I can certainly recommend it!




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