Hairdressers and toilets win prizes!

I think there must come a point during maternity leave when most women might wonder what their career will look like when they get back to work. Or they sit at home surrounded by toys wondering whether they will still be able to teach, or stare lovingly into the eyes of their baby and wonder if they have... Continue Reading →


Shortt Cuts #1: “What if it comes out ginger?”

 See introduction at: When I was pregnant this was one of the questions I was frequently asked. I’m not a redhead and nor is my husband, although my mother-in-law has naturally auburn hair. But this seemed to be a genuine concern for some people – “Can you imagine? A ginger child?! (gasp)...oh the horror,... Continue Reading →

Matisse – Live from the Tate Modern

On Tuesday night I went to the Odeon cinema to see their screening of the Matisse Cut-Outs exhibition, live from the Tate Modern. This is great thing that the Odeon are doing (I’ve only just heard about it, but it’s probably been going on for a while!?)…called Odeon Plus Culture. Various plays, exhibitions, music festivals,... Continue Reading →


Today I joined the world of Tweets, the Twitterati and entered the Twittersphere...! I have had a few students who have suggested I get on this bandwagon - they said they might like to hear what I have to say about news items or my research or stuff to do with their study of business; I have another... Continue Reading →

Sounds of the Salon – new paper out!

The International Journal of Work Organisation and Emotion has a lovely new special issue out: Sensually Exploring Culture and Affect at Work. The papers in this issue aim to provoke thought regarding culture, the senses and affect. Included, are articles on smell, touch, sensory experiences...and my paper on sound!...Sounds of the Salon: the auditory routines of hairdressers at work........ Continue Reading →

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