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I am founder and director of SHORTt CONSULTING – a spatial change consultancy that specialises in using creative interventions to re-think space and place at work. I use my research expertise and experience working with a variety of public and private sector organisations to help companies think differently and creatively about their spatial change projects.

At SHORTt CONSULTING each project is designed differently, with a bespoke approach for each client. Every project starts with the values I hold – enthusiasm, excellence, honesty, and integrity – and runs through everything I do.

If you are thinking of moving offices, or you have already moved, or maybe you are looking to re-think your current work space, then I would be delighted to hear from you to share my recommendations, experiences and explore how I can help you engage staff with the spatial change you want to make.

If you are interested in having a conversation, please get in touch:

Why we should care about spatial change…

Organisations can spend millions of pounds on improving their buildings and facilities for employees, clients and customers. Huge investments are made in the space, design and the aesthetics of where we work and it is this material investment that becomes the very fabric of an organisations identity. These spatial changes and developments take strategic planning, investment in resources and time, and a focus on communications. The successful leadership of spatial change encompasses an awareness of cultural shifts, an identification of changing working practices, a sympathetic understanding of potential workforce resistance, and importantly the impact on staff and their everyday lives.

Investing in knowledge and understanding of spatial change and its impact on the organisation and its staff means leadership teams will be more likely to address issues surrounding retention, motivation, and well-being. That’s why we should care about space, place and the people who use it.

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